International and European Law (L.L.B.)

Law program in Netherlands

Program type Bachelor
Program subtype Bachelor of Laws
Pace Full-time
Campus location Den Haag, Netherlands
Study format On campus
Full duration 4 years
Full cost (range) 2000-3000 EUR
Best to apply before
May 2025
Program starts from
Sep 2024
Address: Den Haag, South Holland, Netherlands
Located in: Den Haag
Let’s change. You. Us. The world. That’s our message at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS). The University wants to empower students to change and improve the world they live in, but this can only happen if we work together – if we evolve and change.

6 reasons to become a student in Netherlands

Entirely English-taught

The Netherlands offers the highest number of English-taught programmes compared to the total number of Dutch universities and it is home to the best non-native English speakers in the world.

International environment

Due to its geographical position and to the high number of English-language degrees, the Netherlands is the meeting point for various cultures, rendering an academic experience truly international.

Affordable tuition fees

Higher education in the Netherlands is very accessible as annual tuition fees for students from an EU country are €2,143 per year and they can even be covered by the Dutch governmental loan which is paid back after graduation, depending on income.

Top Education & Facilities

Many Dutch universities are now at the top of European academic rankings and more than three quarters have entirely new campuses, due to massive financial investments over the past few years.

Innovative teaching

The Netherlands is among the top 20 best economic systems of the world while the Dutch educational system is renowned for its emphasis on innovative and problem-solving learning methods.

Binary system

Depending on the type of education provided, the Dutch universities are organized in two categories of institutions: Research Universities (academic setting) and Universities of Applied Sciences (practice oriented).

Quick breakdown of costs for studying in Netherlands

Average cost: 1113€ per month
Average job income: 500€ per month
Accomodation range500€ - 900€
Other costs150€
Full tuition fee for this program
0€ 50,000€
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Why should you apply at International and European Law (L.L.B.) in Netherlands with EDMUNDO?

Active Community

You will have access to the wider EDMUNDO community of young people who study abroad and this will allow you to find out detailed information about their international personal and academic experience and even make friends with your future university colleagues.

Personalized Counseling

Working with an EDMUNDO counsellor will enable you to find the programmes and universities that best match your academic and career objectives. Counsellors are equipped with comprehensive knowledge about the educational systems and are prepared to answer all of your questions.

Top Application File

EDMUNDO counsellors master all the information and the best practices needed to guide you and help you prepare a strong application file that will maximize your chances of being admitted to your chosen universities, while closely observing all requirements and deadlines.

Constant Support

Vei lucra cu un profesionist dedicat pe parcursul întregului proces de admitere la universitățile internaționale. Consilierul tău EDMUNDO va fi alături de tine din faza de cercetare universitară, îndrumându-te în depunerea cererilor complete și în timp util și sprijin constant în pașii următori.

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